Sunday, July 12, 2009

Well, I finally got my goodies from Australia. Actually there's a company in Atlanta that sells items and foods indigenous to only Australia and New Zealand. This is a very odd candy. It has a texture like circus peanuts, but it literally tastes and smells like a musk cologne. I know, I know, it sounds horrible, but in actuality it is not. It is a synthetic musk rather than a secretion from a minks anus. It has a slight soapy smell and very reminiscent of the old cheap cologne from Brute, I think, that was " Brute Musk". There are many candies, called "lollies" in Australia that are only made there and nowhere else. And a few are by common manufacturers like Nestle, Cadbury, and Wonka, yet they don't produce the wares anywhere else in any other country. A popular one is also Lifesaver; they manufacture a musk lifesaver that is actually a bit stronger than these sticks here. If you are interested in looking at the website:

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  1. I got it to work, Trent. Amazing what you can do after having a cup of coffee. I've had 4 blogs. The first was The Odessa Patriot. I paid for that one and have since quit paying and it's offline now. I think Sam Travis said he put it on disk before it was taken down. It was mostly things I had found re the North American Union, the Security and Prosperity Partnership, Reconquista.

    The other 3 are blogger accounts like yours. was one I set up to track deaths by illegal aliens originally, then I added rapes, robberies, job losses, anything I could find. We used this to make fliers to send to congressmen when we were fighting amnesty bills. I quit posting to it when Peter set up the VOIAC database in conjunction with Family Security Matters.

    Then, there's
    I set this up when we formed this group. Not many actually participated in the blog even to visit it. We had a newsletter. Pat Kennedy over in Midland has continued with the organization. She e-mails info around and lets people know what kind of action to take to combat illegal immigration and legislation for amnesty, etc. I don't do anything with this anymore besides e-mail Pat things to send out occasionally.

    And this one:

    I set up because I was having a discussion with Art Leal in the OA comment thing and I couldn't put what I wanted in my comment section. At the time, he and Montanez had been talking about dancing in the moonlight with joy over Obama's being elected. So, I did that and then gave him a link.