Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Everything's Bigger In Texas




If you have 15-20 minutes of reading time, I encourage you to read the transcript of Madoff's sentencing.

What a blatantly arrogant coward this guy was. My wife and I are not struggling, yet I am not working, recovering from an on-the-job injury over a year ago, so things could get really tight, really quick if we are not careful.  Some of these victims are doing worse than people during the Great Depression.

And as I said in an earlier post, this is not soley the fault of Madoff. Wall Street and our Govt. have got to get their crap together! I'm only 33, but I can remember a time period growing up when life was actually livable, where we were not constantly looking over our shoulders for the next corporate or govt scheme whose sole intention is to screw those it was meant to protect. And I realize some of us have brought somethings on ourselves, but those things should have been taken up by the powers that be and somebody SEVERELY punished to set an example for the next con job.

Well, my post was not meant to be political, I apologize. Working on getting some awesome shots from our lightning show from a couple days back. I will post them as soon as I figure out iMovie, iDVD, or Final Cut. The Mac system--everything is easier and more complicated at the same time, but it beats supporting another of our world's crooks: Bill Gates