Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernie Made Off With My Money

But now, he's going to get to try swindling soups and postage stamps with his 150 year prison sentence. The problem here is not how many years to punish him or even how to get folks' money back. The problem is how in the hell he stayed under the radar for nearly 30 years as he did this. Where was the SEC and it oversight committees? Enron was unable to keep their scheme going, how was BM able to do this with no suspicions. I would have to say most people on this planet are utterly dumb and naive, but certainly we are all not so blind to not see 30 years of robbery. Anger, hate, and confusion lead us to sentencing him to 5x what his running originally was, but I think our government and regulatory watchdog committees may have a hint of responsibility as well. And the investors? Did you not think something was amiss? Did you also have 4-5 multi-million dollar homes and multi-million dollar yachts and paying million plus green fees? I guess, to be honest, the investors who lost everything are not to blame. But this event may have brought upon us an era(and a great one at that!) where people are no longer so gullible that they'd sell their own children to make a 100% turn around, plus recoup the asset they sold. ONLY IN AMERICA!
OK folks, it's a new day, a new week. Coming up on July 4th weekend. GET A DESIGNATED DRIVER!!! There is no reason why anyone should have to be injured or killed or go to jail because someone else is too stupid to get a designated driver. And I think several cab companies offer a free ride service to further thwart the incidences of drunks getting behind the wheel.

OK, Part 2 of my rant for the day: Once again our society has been assaulted by a moron who thinks because McDonald's short changed him, it is a life and death emergency which requires a call to 9-1-1. Wrong again! If my friend/family member/total stranger were put on hold because some stupid SOB has to call about being shortchanged and they ended up being hurt worse or dying, this person should be charged with some form of manslaughter/murder. Time to wake up people and grow a set. Stand up straight, hold your head high, and at least pretend that you have more intelligence than a rock. This scenario is beyond ridiculous and, furthermore, is the reason that the government in the U.S. should have more control of who is allowed to procreate. ( not really, but the frustration warrants the hostility.) Hopefully this jerkoff in the latest "I'm calling 9-1-1 because I'm a pansy and haven't grown a set", will go to jail and someone will beat the crap out of him and there is no way to call 9-1-1. Puleazze!