Monday, July 6, 2009

Post 4th

We survived another weekend in Odessa. We had some great friends over for the fourth and gobbled up nearly 4 pounds of a beautifully, perfectly smoked, prime rib roast from the ol wooly beast. Made potato salad(5lbs) and my wife made an excellent 4th of July cake! We are still getting rain and I wish it'd stop just enough to kill off the last seedlings from the weeds that began sprouting up in May. But, guess it could be triple digits again where you sweat just taking a shower! Mojito even managed to get himself a taste of the cake, which he apparently liked since he even jumped on a chair to get to it. He got a spatula shaken at him from the pastry chef--she was not happy! 

Just a couple more weeks and I'll be seeing the doc again about my recent back surgery. Everything seems fine, not normal, but at least mostly pain free. We may take a trip the weekend of the 18th to New Mexico. Drive up to hatch and get some more spices and then over to Rockhound to search for thunder eggs, jasper, and agate. This will be the first long trip in a while, so we'll see how it goes. Maybe I've improved enough where my co-pilot only has to navigate and I can get back to doing all the driving.

Speaking of driving: There is a tournament being held in Austin for all you golfers that benefits Susan G. Komen For the Cure. All monies received will benefit Texas research affiliations as they strive to find a cure for breast cancer. The tournament is August 28,29,and 30th and lunches/water/gatorade are provided at no charge. I recommend donating what you may have spent on lunch to the cause.

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