Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chicken and blue cornmeal dumplings

Great meal tonight, could have eaten until we were uncomfortable, but decided rather to savor and save for some more tomorrow. This made 10 quarts.


  1. Hello Trent,
    Cooking is one of my hobbies also. your brisket looks good and tender. When I lived in Terlingua I cooked in the Wick Fowler / Carol Shelby "Behind the Store " chili cook-off several years in a row, I was able to make final table 10th-15th place in 1999 with 135 cooking teams in competition for brisket. I still have a team name "Bruce's Far Flung Bodacious Beef" .Now I don't have the time or energy to compete anymore but fire up the smoker about once a month for some brown paper bag chicken ,or some fat 7 count ribs and of course 10 to 10 pound briskets .You know Bobby Flay can cook but i am a grill master! ask any one that has ever shared a plate with me and they will tell ya the same thing ,that was good. Good to make your list and thanks for invite , I'll be checking on you time to time for some new recipe's!!!I have a buttermilk dumpling recipe for ya if you dare ,these are roll & cut dumplings!