Wednesday, September 9, 2009

just have to play!!

Ok, now we have one dork on one side "fishing" waiting for the other dork to take the bait. Everyone needs a little comedy b4 they go to bed.

new and old animals

Yeah, dog slobber can be absolutely disgusting. Just ask Robin. Both the dogs wiped all their gunk on her! Any of you Austinites looking to come to Odessa, there is a much quicker easier way than 183, 36, and 20. Try 290 to Kerrville, I-10W to McCamey exit, and 385N to Odessa. Saves you an hour and a half-maybe 2 hours. But truly, if you are visiting W Texas there are better places to go than dumpy Odessa.

New animals, and the same animals

Well, we had a visitor early this week. My Sis came in from Austin to bring us a cat, that we call Kahlua--it goes well with Mojito. She brought her lazy Russian something-or-other dog that really seems to make a better rug or floor sweep than anything. We took Mo and Ludo to the dog park in Midland and those guys just needed some more dogs to play with I guess. Or maybe they were aware of the impending danger of the storm and were hinting to us we needed to go.