Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scam Alert

It is one thing to be scammed by a bunch of freeloaders and criminals, and quite another to be scammed a government that is supposed to protect its people from the former ilk.

OMG!! This is true!!

At Any Wal-Mart, USA, there is a major on-going scam by the person in front of you with 3 shopping carts overflowing with food(in the express lane, no less) and half a dozen anchor babies in diapers only rolling around on the floor. The scam works like this:

The illegals illegally cross the US border. They came to our neighborhoods and shack up with their relatives who came before them(now there are 4 families living in one 1800sq.ft. home!). They then make their way to the welfare office(Obama's Office) and Obama allows them to take $400 a head in emergency foodstamps!! They then jump in their 2010 Cadillac Escalade and head to Wal-Mart to abuse our social services system.( aka--our tax dollars)

THEN-----the scam continues when they take that $1500 in food and make burritos out of 60% of it, take it to your workplace at breakfast and lunch, and charge 3 dollars per item. They made 650 burritos off of our tax dollars and at 3 bucks each, they will soon be able to afford another Escalade for the rest of their family on the way here even as I type this. BTW, did I mention that the $1950 they made off of those burritos, the taxes(sales, regulatory taxes/fees, permits for vendors fees/taxes, small business tax, etc) were not paid and that we AMERICANS would be punished, sometimes severely, for not paying the same taxes?

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