Thursday, August 20, 2009

illegal car washes

Noone seems to care about the environment anymore. Up here, where the freeloaders run rampant, there is a new business: mobile car wash. The city attorney says they are illegal because it is in violation of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality(TCEQ), yet there's no ordinance in Odessa prohibiting it, so there's nothing they can do. 4 floors below the city attorney's office, there are 10-day permits sold for $22 for vendors of any type. I am in the process of gathering facts, photos, and solutions to this ongoing problem. There is a reason why car washes have state certified traps and pits for collection of things washed off cars--they are extremely toxic! Most of this is be done by illegals that once again, pay no taxes and care not to assimilate to US culture, language, etc. The permits issued by Odessa say the vendors can in no way block the R.O.W. and there washings cannot run into public waterways(sewers, washes, etc). I hope to stir up a hornets nest!!

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