Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are you smarter than an illegal alien?

Verbal intelligence score

It is said that to have a mastery of words is to have in one's possession the ability to produce order out of chaos and that command of vocabulary is a true measure of intelligence. Verbal intelligence measures your capacity to use language in order to express yourself, comprehend stories and understand other people. Verbal abilities include reading, writing and communicating with words. The verbal component of this test examines your vocabulary and your capacity to learn verbal material. It also measures your ability to employ verbal skills in reasoning and problem solving.

Your verbal score was 85 and your percentile score is 76

Verbal score statistics

Score 85
Percentile score 76

Your Grade ** Excellent **

According to this test you are a word wiz with a very high verbal IQ! You have probably read lots and are likely to be well aware of the numerous advantages of expressing yourself in a precise manner. You appreciate the sometimes subtle differences between words and can easily communicate to others what you really mean. Overall you have a much better understanding of the intricacies of communication than most people. Remember there is no ceiling to your knowledge and you can improve your verbal ability infinitely.

Here is a question which contributed to your verbal score

Rearrange the following letters to make a single word and then choose the category in which it belongs.


Correct Answer: Animal (GIRAFFE)

People with strong verbal intelligence skills have a way with words, so to speak. According to Howard Gardner (author of the theory of multiple intelligences) people who excel in verbal intelligence end up being poets, writers, journalists, and lawyers while in high school they tend to participate in drama and debate clubs.

I was never in drama or debate in high school--well, I take that back, it was constant drama, considering I was always in trouble, and in constant debate with authorities about how I'd done nothing wrong even though they expressed I had.

Go Figure!

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