Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain, Rain

Goodness! 3 nights in a row now of hard drenching rain! Yesterday we totaled over 2 1/4". There talking about us possibly getting an inch an hour until 7am. Mojito has had a rough few nights--the thunder is waking him up about every 20 minutes or so. So, going to add a few pics of some awesome light shows. The winds been blowing so hard here(60 to 76mph), that I hadn't been able to stand on the porch photographing the light show.

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  1. hello trent ,

    i hpoe you made it hard on your local Toyota dealer. did you enjoy your visit after all ya went through ?

    I read jw's comments the next day and was just wondering what you hit, a sharp rock , right.

    been there and got a flat also , many years ago in Terlingua back behind the gost town on the old county road ,it begins @ just after you pass the longhorn hotel on the same side john is.

    ever heard of toyo tires ? i run these's on my f150 fx4 check them out Open Country AT nice sidewalls and long tread life. 6 ply rated @ 8 , maybe a little stiffer than your current skins but you wont have any more side wall problems.they are tall tires with lots of freeboard on the sides. also makes your truck look buff !

    cheers and i hope you enjoyed the Big Bend , did you go to the basin , if you did how about that road up to it ? that worth the trip by itself.

    cheers !