Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nytol will help you get your zeeees!

Yes, it's that time. Time to count sheep, indulge in stealthy dreams, or float in the clouds alongside meandering rivers of fading daylight. Maybe all three tonight. West Texas heat is absolutely unrelenting and unforgiving in the dog days of Summer. Finished mowing the jungle tonight in lieu of taking an extended breather from mowing the night before. 'Git 'er done!'  Our porch, normally reserved for an old potted cactus and a few chunks of fossilized lava, came near to having my butt skin melted to it. What I believed would be a great resting spot in the fading glow of the day only encouraged me to heave and ho to finish the chore I've dreaded for two weeks. Why am I wasting money on a gas stove when I could easily bake a pizza on my porch steps? Well, just goes to show how the old adage, 'look before you leap' had some real meaning--a real message.